Top kitchen cabinet trends for 2022

Renovating your kitchen is a mighty task. And cabinet planning is an important part of any kitchen renovation project.

If you are about to renovate your kitchen, don’t ignore the kitchen cabinets at all. After all, they are the most important and one of the most used parts of your kitchen. If you are about to remodel your kitchen, you might want to go with the latest trends of kitchen cabinets to ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest features and functionalities. Our artisans list & explain some of the most important kitchen cabinet trends for 2022 in this blog.

5 Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in 2022

Readout the major kitchen cabinets trends in 2022 below.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends - Custom Kitchen Vaughan1) Shaker cabinets: Shaker cabinets won’t ever go outdated. These cabinets come in various shapes and designs, which give you a wide range of options to choose from.

These cabinets come with a minimalist design, which makes cleaning them extremely easy. Hence, if you are looking for an option that is easy to clean & maintain, shaker cabinets might be your ideal choice.

Shaker cabinets make your home space look larger, and it increases your home value considerably. Moreover, these cabinets are extremely cost-effective, which gives you another strong reason to go with this option.

To summarize, if you are looking for something cost-effective, unique, and traditional yet modern, shaker cabinets are your definite answer.

2) Reclaimed cabinets: Reclaimed cabinets are your ideal choice if you are looking for something cost-effective.

Reclaimed cabinets purely imply that you redo the current cabinets. Revamping your current cabinets will not only ensure that you save a lot but also ensure that you stay updated with the trends. Hence, you can invest the saved dollars somewhere else and make your kitchen look more beautiful.

3) Slab door cabinets: Slab door cabinets are other incredibly modern and beautiful kitchen cabinet options. These cabinets are extremely clean and easy to maintain. Even they come with a very glossy and shiny look, which is a major benefit of slab door cabinets when the look aspect is taken into consideration.

Slab door cabinets can be your answer if space is your constraint. They are perfect for the kitchens having less space. However, adding the complementing backsplash, floor, countertops, etc. is your part to select and use when it comes to selecting the slab door cabinets.

4) Open shelving cabinets: As the name clearly suggests, the open shelving cabinets imply cabinets without doors. Open shelves increase the aesthetics of your home and play a part in uplifting your home value.

Open shelves give visitors an appealing look. The open shelving cabinets even make your kitchen look spacious and wide, which is again a major benefit when the space aspect is taken into consideration. Additionally, the open shelve cabinets are much cheaper when compared to other cabinets options, which ensures that your budget won’t be troubled at all.

5) Cabinets with creative & inviting lighting: Including lighting into cabinets would provide a unique and inviting look to the cabinets.

Attractive lighting always brings positive vibes alongside it and incorporating them into your cabinets can make them look amazing and appealing.

LED lighting is one of the most popular lighting options for kitchen cabinets when it comes to instilling creative lighting into your kitchen cabinets.

These are some of the top kitchen cabinet trends for the year 2022. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen cabinets, you can consider going with any of the above options and hence make your cabinets look amazing.

You can count on our experts if you are looking to design custom kitchen cabinets in Vaughan. Our experienced artisans ensure professional craftmanship, efficient space planning, and elegant and functional custom kitchen cabinets that will uplift the overall look of your kitchen.

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