5 Tips for maintaining your kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinet is undoubtedly the most expensive part of your kitchen. Hence, it demands extra care from you to stay in the best possible form for a longer timeframe.

Numerous homeowners aren’t aware of the ways of maintaining their kitchen cabinets. Our cabinet makers in Vaughan in this blog further on explain certain reliable ways to maintain the kitchen cabinets

How do you maintain the kitchen cabinets?

Readout some of the best ways to maintain your kitchen cabinets and extend their lifespan below.

Cabinet Maker Vaughan - Cabernet Kitchen & Fine Cabinetry1) A big no to moisture: Moisture never does any good to the kitchen cabinet. Kitchens often get hot and humid after you cook. Additionally, the sinks always bring extra moisture. Excessive moisture can damage your kitchen cabinets permanently.

Excessive moisture can cause the cabinet colour to fade away and might even dislocate the wood. It can even create mold in the kitchen cabinets along with bringing severe health issues for you and your family members.

Hence, if you really want your kitchen cabinets to do well for a prolonged time frame, ensure that the excessive moisture stays away from them.

2) Deep clean the cabinets consistently: You might not be a big fan of deep cleaning your cabinets, but it is absolutely a must for them. Deep cleaning ensures that your kitchen cabinets stay clean, and it actually extends their lifespan considerably.

A deep clean removes the accumulated grime and dust particles that often arise due to the food. We recommend regular cleaning of the cabinets at least once a week, and deep cleaning once a month.

3) Say no to toxic chemicals & harsh cleaners: You might get tempted to use toxic chemicals or harsh cleaners to clean your kitchen cabinets. However, this cleaning technique is never recommended.

Ensure that your cabinets stay away from toxic chemicals at all. These chemicals along with getting the colours of cabinets fade away reduce the lifespan of your cabinets in the long run. These chemicals might even play with the overall finishing of the cabinets, which is definitely a major drawback.

Hence, if you really desire your kitchen cabinets to stay fit for a longer time frame, avoid using toxic chemicals & harsh cleansing agents at all.

4) Treat your cabinets gently: Slamming the doors of your kitchen cabinet is one of the worst things you can do to them. The more you slam doors, the lesser will the lifespan of your cabinets, as simple as that.

Yes, it’s not always intentional, sometimes it’s a time constraint, sometimes it’s tiredness, or sometimes it’s frustration, but all of that impacts the lifespan of your cabinets, which is already a mighty investment.

Hence, if you are guilty of slamming the doors (intentionally or unintentionally, of course!), it’s time to get out of it and be a bit gentle with the cabinets.

5) Don’t go too far with waxing & polishing: Reading the user manual carefully and following it is a must when it comes to cabinet cleaning. Waxing might or might not suit your cabinets, which demands you to confirm the same from the user manual or ask the experts.

Our cabinet makers in Vaughan highly recommend that you don’t overdo waxing or polishing as it might degrade the lifespan of your cabinets at all.

You now know some of the most reliable ways to maintain your kitchen cabinets. As mentioned, the cabinet is a mighty investment and demands heavy maintenance. However, keeping the above tips in your mind would ensure that your cabinets actually stay in the best possible form for a longer time frame.

If you are looking to build custom kitchen cabinets in Vaughan, you can count on Cabernet Kitchen & Fine Cabinetry to do the job right for you. The experience and the zeal to provide the customers with the best make our team the top choice of people when it comes to building custom kitchens in Vaughan. To reach out to our high-rated team, call us at 905-856-7888.

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