Everything you need to know about Matte cabinets

The popularity of the matte finish with respect to the cabinets has been increasing on an exponential basis. And with the finishing that matte comes alongside it, this popularity is completely justified.

However, before you finalize matte finishing for your cabinets, you must know everything about it. After all, you by no means should regret your decision later on.

Benefits of Matte finish for your cabinets

Firstly, what are the benefits of Matte finishing for your cabinets? What makes this finishing a very popular choice for your cabinets? Checkout your answers.

Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto1) High resistance: Matte materials by no means leave any traces. Be it fingerprints, or scratches, matte finishing is highly resistant to things that can be defined as harmful to your cabinets in the long run.

Even, this finishing doesn’t allow the dust particles and debris to settle easily. And the hygiene issues with these dust particles aren’t a point to explain, of course. High resistance of the matter finishing is a major reason for it being a popular option for cabinets.

2) Provides glossy look: Matte finishing is known to provide a glossy look to the cabinets, which naturally gives the visitors an appealing look. With matte finishing, one thing is assured, and that is elegance.

If you are looking for something appealing and glossy for your kitchen cabinets, matte finishing for your cabinets is your definite answer.

3) Easy to clean & maintain (if you clean it immediately): As much as matte finishing provides a glossy look, it also demands less maintenance, which is again a major benefit of the same. Less maintenance is one major reason why most homeowners prefer going with this finishing style.

Just a microfiber cloth and detergent (not mandatory though) and the glossy look of your cabinets will be restored in no time.

Cons of Matte finish for your cabinets

Yes, matter finishing is an amazing choice, but there are certain cons of this finishing too which you must know.

1) Fingerprint Visibility: Anything like scratches, fingerprint marks, etc. are easily visible on matte finishing. Hence, if you don’t clean out the finishing on an immediate basis, it might look a bit shabby.

Hence, if you are a busy bee and if you feel that immediate cleaning of the cabinet when something is spilled won’t be possible for you, a matte finish is never recommended.

2) Makes Space Look a Bit Less: You need to know that matte finishing doesn’t reflect light. This is the reason that it looks a bit opaque, hence making the space look less than normal.

Hence, if you can’t afford to not make your kitchen look spacious, think twice before going with matte finishing for your cabinets.

We hope that deciding if cabinets with matte finishing are your ideal choice or not will be now easy for you. Like every coin has two sides, matte finishing comes with its own set of benefits and limitations too.

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