5 Signs that your kitchen cabinets require replacement

Yes, refacing the kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective and reliable solution to restore them in the best possible form. However, certain kitchen cabinets cannot be refaced. The only solution left here is a replacement.

But how do you recognize if your cabinets require replacement or not? This blog further on answers this question. Keep reading.

Do your kitchen cabinets require replacement?

So, is it time to replace your kitchen cabinets? Well, our experts have answered this question below. Have a read:

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Vaughan - Cabinet Maker Vaughan1) A large number of scratches & dents: When you notice a large number of scratches & dents on your kitchen cabinets, you can consider cabinet replacement. Scratches & dents subside the overall look of your kitchen considerably.

However, if the damage isn’t deep, resurfacing might work well for you. But, if you feel that the scratches & dents are deep, and degrading the look of your kitchen entirely, replacing the cabinets is an ideal choice.

2) When the cabinets are seriously damaged: Whenever there is a major structural issue with your cabinets due to heavy damage, you can consider replacing them. Water damage is one of the most common sources that bring severe damage to the cabinets alongside it.

Hence, if your cabinets have recently gone through damage, we recommend that you get them checked on an immediate basis and take suitable action. There are chances that timely action might prevent replacement for you, but if delayed, things would get worse, and cabinet replacement would be your only choice.

3) When you are renovating your kitchen: Renovating your kitchen will definitely demand you to change your kitchen cabinets entirely. Be it space issues, or design aspects, if you are remodelling your kitchen, ensure that you get the kitchen cabinets replaced too.

Keeping the same old cabinets might not go well with the kitchen after remodelling and hence degrade the looks of your kitchen.

4) When cabinets release terrible odours: Well, different types of smells from kitchens are completely normal, but terrible and funky odours from cabinets aren’t.

If you smell something very terrible, and funky from your cabinets, cabinet replacement might be on the cards for you. Yes, cabinet resurfacing works well in most cases, but at certain times cabinet replacement becomes a necessity.

Hence, if you are experiencing any sort of unpleasant odours from your cabinets, we recommend reaching out to the experts and taking suitable actions on an immediate basis.

5) If your kitchen has metal cabinets: Cabinets other than wood are never ideal. But there was a time when metal cabinets were on the roll. If your kitchen incorporates them then it’s time to replace them and incorporate wooden cabinets.

Refacing the metal cabinets is extremely difficult & costly, and not worth it at all. It’s better that you invest a bit more in cabinet replacement and save a lot of refacing amount in the long run.

If you are noticing any of the above signs with your kitchen cabinets, now might be the time to replace them.

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