How do you prepare for cabinet installation?

The cabinet is an integral part of your kitchen. If you are looking to get the new cabinets installed, you need to prepare yourself and your kitchen in several aspects.

There are numerous homeowners who aren’t aware of these things, which results in a lot of chaos when the cabinet installation actually takes place. This blog further on lists and explains some of the top tips that will help you and your kitchen to stay prepared for the cabinet installation.

Tips to prepare for cabinet installation

Checkout some of the best tips to stay prepared for cabinet installation below.

Tips Prepare Cabinet Installation - Cabinet Maker Vaughan1) Begin with getting the floors and walls ready: The first and the most important thing with the cabinet installation is to prepare the floors and walls for it. Sweep and vacuum the floors properly to ensure that the dust doesn’t imbalance the cabinets.

Also, be sure to get the cabinets installed on subflooring and not on flooring.

2) Complete all the electrical and plumbing work: Make sure that you get all the electrical and plumbing work done before getting the cabinets installed, specifically, when you get your kitchen renovated.

Completing the cabinet installation before getting the electrical and plumbing work done is never recommended as it might create a mess at a later stage. Hence, the next important step to prepare for cabinet installation; get all the electrical and plumbing work done.

3) Be right with measurements: When planning the cabinet installation, measurements are quite crucial. Going wrong with the measurements might create fitting issues, which you of course don’t want. Hence, measure several times, but ensure that you don’t go wrong with the measurements.

4) Plan your outing: It’s always better to stay outside of your home when the cabinets are being installed. The dust particles due to the installation drills might be harmful in the long run, which necessitates this step.

Hence, plan the things like your meals for a few hours while you are out, or your kid’s activity, etc. as it might take a few hours for the cabinets to get installed. You might feel that it is redundant but planning your outing will make things easy for you considerably.

5) Get the uppers installed first: It’s always better to get the uppers installed first so that the base won’t be a trouble for you in the form of cabinets.

Cabinets might get damaged while holding the heavyweight in the form of uppers along with not allowing the efficient installation of the uppers. Hence, it’s wise to get the uppers installed first, and then move on to the kitchen cabinets.

Staying prepared for the cabinet installation should be easy for you now. Cabernet Kitchen & Fine Cabinetry, a high-rated cabinet maker in Vaughan highly recommends that you keep the above things in your mind when you are preparing for cabinet installation. It would make things easy for you considerably.

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