Top questions that you must ask to a custom cabinet maker

So, you are about to meet a custom cabinet maker to remodel your cabinets or get new custom cabinets installed. Well, you might be thinking about what questions should you ask a custom cabinet maker. After all, on what basis would you decide if the custom cabinet maker will cater to your requirements or not?

There are certain questions that you can ask a custom cabinet maker. The answers from the cabinet maker to these questions will tell you a lot about the quality of services offered. What are these questions? Do check them out below.

Questions to ask a custom cabinet maker

Readout some of the most important questions that you can ask a custom cabinet maker before closing a deal below.

Kitchen Cabinets In Vaughan (1)1) What materials will you use to design my custom cabinets?

Well, the materials that a custom cabinet maker will use to design your custom cabinets will play a crucial role in deciding the quality of output that you will get. Some materials like solid hardwood are a must to ensure that cabinets are durable and last for a long term. Hence, ask about the same, get a list of materials, do your research and validate the quality of each material.

2) How will you assemble my custom cabinets?

The cabinets are usually glued and screwed to ensure that the structure stays intact for a prolonged timeframe. However, there are several advanced technologies available today that many cabinet makers use to assemble custom cabinets.

Make sure to know the way in which your custom cabinets are assembled. It would give you peace knowing that your cabinets are correctly structured.

3) Is the cabinet installation covered in your price quote?

Well, certain cabinet makers charge separately for cabinet installation. Hence, make sure to confirm whether the price quote offered by your cabinet maker includes cabinet installation or not. It’s a must to avoid any sort of hassles later on.

4) What will be the timeframe of the cabinet design process?

If you are getting the cabinets remodeled at your home, this question is a must to ask. You must know a clear timeframe of the cabinet design process to ensure that you plan your routine accordingly, and it doesn’t get impacted severely due to the same.

5) Do you provide any warranty for custom cabinets?

Be it design or installation, make sure that you ask about the warranty of the services provided by the custom cabinet maker. A good cabinet maker won’t hesitate to give you a warranty for the services of quality. If you aren’t getting a warranty, it’s better to move further and look for other better options.

These are some of the most important questions that you should ask a custom cabinet maker. Asking these questions would give you significant clarity on whether the cabinet maker is your ideal choice or not.

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